About the Event

The event comprises:

- Swim 750 m (in the cold water of Hartlepool Marina!)

- Cycle ~20 km (from Hartlepool Marina to Seaton Carew 3 times)

- Run 5 km (around the Marina)

I did the swim by myself with Benjamin supervising from the shore.

For the Cycle, we used our special tandem - a Hase Pino. I aspire to Benjamin helping with the pedalling, but he rarely does, unless I am trying to stay still and talk to someone!

For the run we used Benjamin's cross country wheelchair - an Advance Mobility Freedom chair.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Learning to Swim 3

Another attempt at learning to swim front crawl, with Laura pace making for me again.

I managed about 8 lengths front crawl, but had to do it very slowly to manage to breath enough, and I got quite dizzy with my head going from side to side to breathe.  

Gave up and went back to breaststroke.....

Overall time still not good - 24 minutes for the 1000 m, but Laura reckons I was noticeably faster doing breaststroke than front crawl.   Maybe I will try all breaststroke next time to see what sort of time I can do.

Then I have to decide what wetsuit to get, and learn to swim in that.....The cycle and run are going to feel easy by comparison!

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